Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toms Repair

My very first pair of Toms got a hole. I wasn't ready to throw them away, so I thought I would try and repair them.

Here is the supply list:
Sewn up Toms (see below)
canvas or cotton duck material 1/4 yd
Painter's tape or masking tape
Small pointy scissors

First, I sewed the hole up. Now after wearing my repaired Toms, I would suggest smaller, smoother stitches. My sewn up hole is a "little" irritating to my big toe. It is fine if I am wearing socks, which I don't do very often.

I didn't take photos of the next several steps. You have to move quickly with the glue, so I couldn't get any of that step. I have no excuse on the other steps. Sorry.

Stuff plastic store sacks (a lot) in the toes of shoes. It will be easier for smoothing the material.

Cut canvas into a triangle, enough to cover end and sides of Toms with a few inches hang over. Use the diagonal seam near toe for starting point.
Put glue all over end of toms, being careful not to get it on sole. Then lay fabric at original seam, smoothing as you go. Use the original fabric fold for how to fold new canvas. Get your fold down like you want and press the middle between the two folds. The small over flaps will be glued later.
Wait til completely dry to continue.
Fold flaps and glue down. Place a piece of tape over flaps to hold down tight, so it will dry flat. Wait til completely dry to continue.
Trim fabric above sole.
Cut ribbon the length of seam with a little over hang. Put glue on seam and press ribbon on top. I kept smoothing and pressing for a few minutes and the let it dry. Trim ribbon same as material, close to sole. If you want to add another ribbon on top, go for it. Same as above.

I let my Toms dry for a couple of days before wearing.

Here is the finished project:

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